Peru Cayayuc Cutervo
Peru Cayayuc Cutervo

Peru Cayayuc Cutervo

$ 12.25

This coffee represents best of harvest from the small scale farms of La Peña, El Bosque, El Campo, La Viña, El Cerro, La Laguna and El Palto

All are members of the producer group Green Cup which specializes in highest quality coffees from farms in the north of the Cajamarca department.

Green Cup supports member farms by offering consultancy, commercial assistance and a link to larger organizations and export. Green cup contributes to the sustainable development of producers by offering specialized advice in agricultural practices, promoting organic culture and sustainable trade. Green Cup offer members workshops to build increased capacity; as well as specialist support for women in coffee, or those struggling to work and raise children.

Profit from coffee farming in Peru is often small; however families in the region have created a living for themselves and their families, relying almost solely upon coffee for income. In the region, much of the drive to produce quality can be seen via the level of attention to processing. Varieties are selected to suit the climate and produce an excellent cup profile. Sharing varieties between farms or buying new varieties from other parts of the country then testing their quality is key as well as renovation techniques.

Varieties included in this lot are typica, red caturra, catuai, pache & bourbon. Harvest season in the region spans from June to October. Grown at 1,900 metres above sea level, fully washed and dried on raised beds.

A versatile coffee, it can be used for drip, pourover, cold brew, or single origin espresso. Light roast and medium body, the cup profile is clean and balanced, milk and dark chocolates with light florals. Acidity is mild and balanced but crisp.